1outta5 is a statewide initiative
to ensure access to care for Maryland citizens
who live with a mental health problem.

One in five individuals lives with a diagnosable mental disorder in any given year, translating to more than one million Marylanders. Six percent, or more than 300,000, Marylanders have a serious and persistent mental illness that significantly impacts their family, social and work lives. Demand for service from Maryland’s public mental health system has increased by 7-8% for two years in a row — the largest growth on record in more than three decades. Visit the Maryland Parity Project website, www.marylandparity.org

Maryland Parity Project
The nation’s new mental health parity law is crucial to these one million Marylanders as it impacts their ability to access inpatient and outpatient services, purchase medications, and obtain other treatment and support services.

Dime a Drink
The 1outta5 campaign supports a “Dime a Drink” increase in the state alcohol tax to prevent further service reductions in the public mental health system. And it’s amazing what 10 cents can buy these days.