types of mental health professionals

Mental health professionals have special training to treat specific age groups (like children, adults, older adults) or specific illnesses (like anxiety, depression, attention deficit disorder [ADD] or schizophrenia). If you have a specific need, be sure to explain it when you call any of the following for a referral.

  • A Psychiatrist is a medical doctor with special training to diagnose and treat mental illness. Psychiatrists are the only mental health professionals who can write prescriptions for medicines. To find a psychiatrist, call 410-625-0232.
  • A Psychologist is a licensed individual with a Ph.D or an equivalent subject. A psychologist can diagnose and treat mental illness and do psychological testing. S/he also can provide individual and group therapy. To find a psychologist, call 410-992-4258.
  • A Pastoral Counselor has a college degree and mental health training, is a clergy person or a certified layperson, and has had supervised training. To find a pastoral counselor, call 410-433-2241.
  • A Licensed Certified Clinical Social Worker is a therapist with a master’s degree in social work. Clinical social workers offer couples, group, family and individual therapy. To find a clinical social worker, call 410-298-3226.
  • A Certified Alcohol and Drug Abuse Counselor has a master’s degree in a health and human service counseling, as well as field and training in alcohol and drug abuse treatment. To find a treatment center, call 410-402-8600.
  • A Certified Professional Marriage and Family Therapist has a master’s degree in marriage and family counseling and offers help for married couples and families. To find a marital and family counselor, call 301-460-0340.
  • A Certified Professional Counselor is a counselor with a master’s degree in the fields of psychology or counseling who has special training in examining and treating patients.
  • A Psychiatric Advanced Practice Nurse is a registered nurse with a master’s degree and is a certified specialist in psychiatric or mental health nursing. To find a nurse specialist, call 410-614-6032.