older adults

The Maryland Coalition on Mental Health and Aging addresses the mental health needs of older persons by:

  • Advocating to improve the quality and accessibility of mental health treatment for older persons
  • Decreasing the stigma of mental and emotional problems
  • Demonstrating the importance of prevention, support services and self-help programs for seniors with mental health needs
  • Educating professionals, the general public, decision makers, and older individuals on the mental health issues of seniors
  • Increasing outreach to enable older persons to recognize the need for and to use the services of mental health professionals, volunteers, and relevant self-help programs.

Coalition efforts and activities have focused on, but are not limited to: improving access to and reimbursement for mental health services; improving mental health service delivery to older adults in the community, state hospitals and nursing homes; improving coordination among aging service networks; and training, education and destigmatization efforts for professionals, legislators and the general public regarding geriatric mental health.

To join the Maryland Coalition on Mental Health and Aging, or for more information please contact:

  • We meet bi-monthly, usually on the 4th Thursday of the month. All are welcome to our meetings—health care providers, consumers, family members, policy makers—anyone who cares about the mental health of older adults.